About Us

Trillium Learning Centre was established in 2009. Our goal is to have a world class basic school that will train and develop pupils’ vocational and academic potentials through a 21st century teaching and learning methods. The third tripod on which the school is established is moral discipline through which pupils can become productive and morally upright citizens of the Nigerian society and that of the world at large.

The school is co-educational, located in a serene environment that will promote pupils learning devoid of distractions from externalities. The school can boast of the best of the best 21st century learning facilities.

The school is safe and secured and provides transportation services to willing parents. We boast of a modern clinic with all health and safety facilities put in place and we complimented this with a retainer ship service by reputable medical institution in the town.

Trillium Learning Centre has the qualified teaching personnel that are carefully selected through very competitive recruitment process.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Trillium Learning Centre, our educational philosophy is based on the principles laid out by Dr. Maria Montessori. On 16th of January 1907, Dr Maria Montessori, one of the female medical doctors in Italy began what was to become known as the Montessori Method. She observed that there is a “teacher within” each child in the right environment and under the guidance of an adult who has been trained, a child’s potentials naturally flourish. By 1908, “Montessori” was known all over the world and has become more popular as scientific research supports the philosophy.

However, Trillium Learning centre possesses the basic characteristics of an authentic Montessori classroom which are:

  • A multi-age grouping of learners.
  • Large blocks of uninterrupted time for children to work independently.
  • Diverse set of Montessori materials, activities used by the learner to build cognitive structures and social development.
  • Standard generator for the replacement of unstable electricity supply
  • A classroom where individual differences are not only respected but valued by looking at a child from the social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, physical artistic standpoint.
  • A partnership established with the family.

Our faculty

Our faculty consists of well trained staff that has the ability and dedication to put key concept into practice and stop at nothing to ensure each learner strives