Academic Curriculum

The preschool curriculum emphasizes on learning through observation, interaction and direct guidiance. The pupils are taught the different concepts of colours, shapes, numbers and alphabets.

Our core purpose at Trillium Learning Centre is learning. In the Primary school, we offer the basic academic subjects which are: Mathematics, English Language taught with Phonics, Basic science and Technology, Agricultural science, Computer Studies, Social studies, Physical and Health education, Religious studies (CRS and IRK), Music, Civic Education, Cultural and creative art, Home economics, French Language and Yoruba language which are tailored adequately to ensure that our pupils are well prepared for the Nigerian Common Entrance Examinations.

What's New

  • Trillium High School Opens September 2019

  • Resumption for third term is on 16th September, 2019

  • First continuous assessment starts on Monday 7th and ends on Friday 11th of October, 2019.

  • TLC KID-Entrepreneurship programme introduced Google CS First and Hair Dressing

  • End of the year party holds on Thursday 12th of December, 2019.